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Financial Education Center: Set Your Financial Sights

Date: December, 19th 2012 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm+ add to calendar

Neighborhood Progress and it’s new partner, KeyBank Financial Education Center in the Buckeye neighborhood is offering free financial classes throughout the month of October.  Below is a list of all class times and topics.  For more information on the Financial Education Center you can go to or call the office at 216-370-5630.

Set Your Financial Sights – Wednesday, December 19, 2012            6:00PM –7:00PM

  • Learn what a financial goal is
  • Know how to prioritize your financial goals
  • Recognize if a particular goal is realistic
  • Learn how to change your spending plan to meet your goals



Charge It Right – Wednesday, December 19, 2012                 7:15PM – 8:15PM

  • Understand credit card basics
  • Know the costs of using a credit card
  • Potential problems with credit

Take Charge of Your Money –Saturday, December 22, 2012   10:00AM –11:00AM

  • Use credit wisely
  • Set up a spending plan
  • Recognize signs and dangers of predatory lending

Check It Out – Saturday, December 22, 2012                       11:00AM – 1:00PM

  • Learn the benefits of using a bank
  • Types of bank fees
  • Types of checking accounts
  • Write checks and use ATM or Debit cards
  • Balance your checking account

KeyBank Financial Education Center

Event Address
11461 Buckeye Rd, Cleveland, Oh 44104




11327 Shaker Blvd, Suite 500W
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
Main Phone 216.830.2770

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